Dr. Stephen Toovey

Dr. Stephen Toovey is a director who is an infectious and tropical disease physician. He has experience in the pharmaceutical industry and academia in both developed and developing countries. He currently specializes in the research of influenza and other respiratory viruses, malaria, rabies and the neurological aspects of infectious diseases. He is CEO of Pegasus, a medical and scientific services company, and advises pharmaceutical companies and biotech organizations on infection related matters. He has founded several pharmaceutical and pharma-related companies, including co-founding Ark Biosciences in 2014 and served as its CMO until 2020. He previously taught at the Royal Free, continues to teach at University College Medical School and is deputy editor of the journal Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease. He has authored over 100 publications and presented at over 50 scientific meetings, and holds a PhD from the University of Ghent. The Board believes his background and leadership experiences in the pharmaceutical industry and academia qualify him for the role of director.